Every Thanksgiving and Christmas season our church hosts an event for ladies to help orient our minds to the true meaning of the holidays, rightly called Holidays Fit for the King. Today, I was honored to lead a seminar on cooking for a crowd and I told the ladies in my seminar that I would post links to the products I talked about this morning, so here they are! Thank you all for allowing me to chat with you today and thank you for being such an interactive group!

Online resources

Food Network Recipes


Dinner for a crowd using spreadsheets A great resource to organize your thoughts digitally, rather than using a notebook.

Temperature Rules! A graphic for quick reference of proper cooking temperatures.

Prepare the perfect ham A breakdown of different hams, as well as tips for a successful ham.

Turkey recipe Alton Brown’s recipe that I’ve successfully used in the past.

Great tools to use in the kitchen

Ziplock bags – Use for more than just storage. Remember, you can also use them to protect printed recipes, phones or tablets that you might be using in the kitchen.

Kitchen timer app


Kitchen timer/leave in thermometer

Instant read thermometer

Silicone  basting brush

Immersion blender

Small prep bowls